the life of a man who wants to be a dictator..

oh, and my my life too.

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thats my star sign. and before you deny the feasibility of astrolgy take a look at me. i embody all the aspects of a typical leo. all the good, all the bad, all of it. and i have had them since before i knew i was a leo.
thats where i'm from. i'm not living there now because unfortunatly i go where the 'rents go. alas that is my life till i plan to go back because it is my home. no matter where i go in the world new york is my home. and i'm also a yankees fan, because they rule. red sox suck ass. so do the mets. any true new yorker hates the mets.
i am a theatre geek. i act, and think i am damn good. thats one skill i have and can be proud of. i am a damn good actor. i'm not the best but i'm damn good. i love theatre. i love plays. movie acting seems great but my heart belongs to the stage. i would also love to direct. that seems fun. i dabble and try my best at playwriting. oneday i'll get far with that. i already have some competitions i'm working on
my friends are important to me. without them i don't think i could survive. friendship is thicker then blood, because when it coes to friends you have a choice. family is givin to you, while friendship is a bond built over time. i'm gonna miss my friends when they leave, but i'm gonna make new ones and everything will be dandy
play:dog sees god
food:anything potatos
movie:cruel intentions
music genre:hippy rock
band:no doubt
playwrite:suzan lori parks
friend:i love you all
sexual position:anything that requires the use of shackles

and i want to say that we must never give in to complaceny. bad things happen when good people do nothing. thank you llamas for your many lessons in life. i shall charish you and them always.

yay college. im gonna be the smarterest one here.

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